Our vision is to increase our recognition as a leading provider of Investigation and Loss Assessment services on a National basis for insurance companies, Risk Managers, Legal Firms, Government Departments and alternative entities.

This will be realised by creating, and maintaining, strategic planning that is both innovative and centred on providing quality service and support. The focus of our vision is solely on the needs of our customers.

We endeavour to provide the highest quality service that fully satisfies the expectations of our clients' in every way. Protecting the clients' interests will remain the foundation of our business.

As a duly licensed Inquiry Agent Firm issued by the Private Agents Registry of Victoria, we abide by their Code of Ethics.

This Code covers all areas of our service within the bounds of legality, morality and professionalism. We will co-operate with all recognised Law Enforcement and Government Agencies in matters within the realm of their respective jurisdiction. We will ensure our clients' confidence under any and all circumstances (except where the clients' interest is contrary to Civil Law).


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